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The Australian government provide a schedule of free immunisations to protect you and your family throughout your life. (See link above). We carefully store all these vaccines in our clinic and make them available to our patients (please let us know when booking your appointment what vaccination you require). We also register any vaccinations given on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) so you can immediately access certain benefits, including childcare and schooling for young children.

Our doctor will prescribe vaccinations for private (non Medicare) patients so they can can purchase them at the local pharmacy before being given by our nursing staff. Travel vaccinations and some others not covered by Medicare are also available in this way to all our patients.


Flu vaccinations are presently available (April 2023).These are provided free by Medicare for children under 5 and patients over 65. Anyone else can purchase them for a few dollars at the chemist with a prescription from our doctor. We strongly recommend getting the flu vaccines at this time as there is evidence that people who contract Covid19 AND flu struggle to survive. If you decide get a flu shot from a chemist please observe strict social distancing and hygiene and if you are over 65 please make sure you are getting the correct vaccine (which contains the influenza A (H3N2) strain.


Please talk to your doctor about recommended vaccination for travel, especially for cruises, some parts of Asia and China and Brazil. More information here Travel vaccination list


With so much fake news around it is perhaps understandable that some people feel unsure about vaccination. Talk to your doctor if you feel uncertain about this. Dr Beata has many years experience in public health and paediatric care. She sometimes vaccinates babies whose mothers she vaccinated as babies!

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